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Image captured by Kannetha Brown

goal one

Develop a vibrant, interactive, and intergenerational community space.

goal two

Literacy advocacy with the Little Free Library.

In our Little Free Library, donated books will be available for the free use, viewing, and sharing for all local citizens. The books will educate people about an array of topics including food and water insecurity, ecology, global warming, how to plant and grow vegetables to share with others, and becoming a change-maker.

Image by Ed Robertson
Image by Elaine Casap

goal three

Food insecurity intervention.

The CTGLP addresses food insecurity by partnering with Worcester Community Fridges and other local organizations to offer fresh, garden-grown produce. Additionally, the garden also features a Blessing Box. A Blessing Box is a free food pantry where neighbors in need can obtain emergency food supplies.

GOal four

Promotion of art & local artists.

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