Indian Lake is a Worcester neighborhood of culture, diversity and charm.

Founded in 2018, the Indian Lake Community Association strives to create a caring, clean and safe community.

We promote and advance the active participation of more people, more voices and more power within our neighborhood, And, we seek to create neighbor-to-neighbor connections by developing street captains throughout our community and collaborations with existing neighborhood activists and groups.

Because of this collaborative activism, the Indian Lake neighborhood has done four major clean-ups of weeds, vegetation and debris, which had accumulated over the course of 40 years along the barrier wall separating West Boylston Street from West Boylston Drive. This action has led to a commitment by the Mass. Department of Transportation to remove the existing, deteriorated metal barrier wall and replace it with a proposed $500,000, high-density PVC barrier wall, with features including sound mitigation, anti-graffiti properties, and interchangeable panels for easy maintenance.

These initial actions will result in the planting of new trees, shrubs and flowers (see left, third image down) in collaboration with the Worcester Tree Initiative, an independent program of Tower Hill Botanic Garden. And, they will result in the installation of a neighborhood garden by the Regional Environmental Council.

We recognize and value the high-level cooperation of both Mass. DOT and the City of Worcester to encourage our beautification and community-building efforts. We also recognize and value the decades-long activism of the Indian Lake Watershed Association to improve the lake's water quality and recreational opportunities, and the instrumental role of the Indian Lake Neighborhood Watch to improve the quality of life in the neighborhood.

Usually, the Indian Lake Community Association meets once a month on the last Wednesday of the month in the Conference Room at 290 Auto Body, located at 1 Stowell Ave. Check our Calendar of Events page for the date and time for the next meeting.

ILCA, Inc. Board Members:
Carl Gomes: President
Deb Van Batenburg: Vice President
David Bennett: Treasurer
Andrea Cameron: Secretary/Clerk
Sean Rose: Director
Candy Mero-Carlson: Director
Ruth Seward: Director